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Janice Hoffman, M.Ed.
CRS, GRI, CBR, Realtor®

While enjoying helping folks to buy their first home, last home, or investment properties since 1999, I find the old cliché of “attention to detail" has made all the difference. Being on top of every aspect of every step of each purchase or sale allows you, my valued client, to experience less stress than you might otherwise.

There can be an overwhelming number of discrete tasks, legalities, and deadlines to attend to along the way. I am glad to take care of all of them, so you can focus on this exciting change in your life: moving! Whether it's you, your family, friends, or other loved ones, this change can be a huge one, and is a large investment. Even if you have zero anxiety associated with the buying and/or selling of your largest asset, it is still handy to have someone handling everything from the minutia to all crucial legal and logistical aspects of the process. I am also in constant contact with the key players involved to ensure a smooth process and good experience for you. These folks would be your R.E. attorney, closing attorney, mortgage broker, home inspector, painter, mover, home organizer, cleaner, and others.  Who the exact players are would depend on if you are buying or selling, but the communication with them is vital, and much is taken care of by me-- behind the scenes.  This way you can focus on work, family, or...packing! :)

The result is a transaction you are pleased with, and the beginning of a new life: a fresh start in your lovely new home! 

Of my broad skill set, those that lend themselves specifically to assisting you in this important endeavor are: 

  • Accomplished negotiating skills --needed whether you are buying or selling
  • Professional marketing skills --to sell your house for the best possible price
  • Professional photography skills --to help show your house in the best presentation possible  
  • Professional writing skills --to write descriptions of your house such that once a prospective buyer reads it, they feel compelled to quickly come view the house! Also these skills are employed to help my buyers to achieve their goals in buying. I craft offers clearly and comprehensively such that when there are “multiple bids" on a property, my buyers tend to “win".
  • Strong analytical skills --to help determine pricing and have a good comprehension of the current market
  • Interior design skills --I “stage" the homes I sell. This helps you to sell faster! --On average, in less than half of “average market time" for your town. Ask me for details.
  •  Incredibly punctual, and exceedingly reliable. I do everything I say I will. And more!
  • Am available via email, text or cel; I can be reached every day, 7 days. 9am to 10pm is fair game :)
  • Highly personable, friendly, and even …funny ;)

 My own background is diverse and colorful. Having been a competitive athlete from the age of 11 to 25, I grew up swimming, playing tennis, skating, and more. I competed in gymnastics for five years and I was a competitive diver on the H.S. boys' varsity swim team for six years. I also had a horse and rode from age 11-15 and rode in rodeos in Upstate NY as well. Later I competed in Frisbee® events, and I represented Boston University and N.E. women at the Intercollegiate National Tournament. Later I played in the World Disc Tournament as well.

My undergraduate focus was in Education. I stayed on at B.U. and got my Master of Education in Deaf Education. I received training as an Interpreter of ASL-English at NU, during graduate school. 
Having been a nationally certified ASL interpreter since 1986, today I am retired from interpreting. Since I am the only nationally certified ASL interpreter who is also a full-time Realtor, and since I have been an active member of the MA Deaf Community for over 30 years, half of my RE clientele is deaf.
 In 1997 I founded a professional organizing business. I received much media attention as this was a new field at that time. I sold the biz in 2000 when in my first year of full-time RE I had 17 closings. And realized RE is, indeed, my calling. Yet, I continue to serve some organizing clients –helping in their homes, and work lives --as time permits. I still enjoy this work very much.

In 1987 I started investing in Real Estate. I have been buying, selling, and managing my various properties ever since. I own condos and multi-families that are rented out, and I have a single family house in Belmont, in which I live. I continue to do this work, as landlord to happy tenants, today. In addition to helping clients buy and sell, I also help locate sound investment properties for my investor clients, and teach new investors “how to be a landlord”.  They have found this to be very helpful!

Helping many folks to buy and sell houses and condo’s each year, in and around Boston, the suburbs, Rte 128, and Rte 495, I am pleased to have won numerous, assorted awards for excellence in customer service, along the way (shown below).

Most importantly, I – and my team- am here for you and ready to serve your particular R.E. needs. You will be in very good hands. And, I love a challenge.

Anything I have left out? Please feel free to inquire about it at our next meeting.


Kara Bombassaro

Realtor®, Broker Owner

I have been working with Janice since 2006. I started out as her part-time assistant while a senior in college, performing various tasks: primarily endeavors in Real Estate. Together we skillfully “stage” (design/re-design & decorate) homes, just prior to listing them for sale, and –as a team-- hold successful Open Houses--so much so that most of our listings go “under agreement” that week, or on that very day! I took the real plunge into Real Estate by earning my license in March of 2010, with Janice’s blessing and encouragement.

Having been with Janice and Signs of Success full time since June of ’10, and having listened, watched and learned the ins and outs of the R.E. world for several years now, I welcomed the opportunity, and have enjoyed putting all of what I’ve learned …into practice.

Wearing many hats, I am the Broker/Owner of Signs of Success Realty Group. I’m also the Appointments Coordinator for Janice's buyer clients’, to get them promptly into the properties they want to view. I also provide the “tech support” for Janice and her clients, and take care of many behind the scenes details. She refers to me as her “right hand”, and the Operations Manager.

It works out well as I get to apply my math and biology background to any and all challenges she presents me with; I enjoy problem solving, and generally “getting it done”! And there is LOTS to do, and attend to, for every RE transaction we handle. Janice and I stay on top of every detail, so that you are well-supported throughout the process.

I look forward to working with you!


Brandon Spencer-Shelton

I was raised in the City of Cambridge and graduated from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in Finance. Because I had such a keen interest in Real Estate, after graduating from college in 2010, I attained my Commonwealth of Massachusetts Real Estate license that summer.

Currently I own an online marketing company, and have been working with Janice & Kara since the Spring of 2014.

Collectively we help provide an amazing experience for Real Estate sellers, buyers, and investors. I primarily help with effectively executing day-to-day operations, preparing for and holding busy Open Houses, strategic set-up of staging & decorating homes prior to bringing to market, and online website/marketing management.

I've been able to learn incredible amounts of information about the Real Estate industry working side by side with Janice and Kara. Utilizing my Finance and technology skill set-- in combination with Janice and Kara's Real Estate experience plus knowledge, we have been able to develop highly effective systems for selling/buying houses and industry leading customer satisfaction.

It amazes me how much I am learning daily, and how rewarding it is to problem solve, and help our clients to execute their Real Estate transactions.

I'm looking forward to working with you!

Arlyn Williams

I am a multicultural woman of Jamaican, Salvadorian and Scottish descent who speaks fluent Spanish 
and can read and write French. 

I currently work in Finance full time as a Purchasing Assistant while juggling a photography company and other side ventures all at the same time. 

I love being busy and work well under pressure teaching hip hop dance, running Superhero Scramble obstacle races and various other 5K's, chasing after my darling little boy who at 3 years old continues to amaze me each day with how much and how fast he is growing-- all while completing my Undergraduate Degree at Harvard Extension School. Did I mention I'm also planning a wedding? My ability to multitask and complete tasks "with lightning speed" are what makes being the Administrative Manager for SOS a perfect fit for me.
In 2012, I came to the SOS team as a part time assistant helping Janice with various projects until I settled into my role as the Administrative Manager maintaining financial records and client contact information. It has been one exciting ride learning all that Janice and our team do within the past couple of years and I am excited to continue to gain new knowledge in the years to come!
To add, I hope to be buying my first home with the help of the SOS team in the near future!

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