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Staging is done to help make your property look its best, be warm and inviting, and feel like "home" to your prospective buyers. It helps any property appear bigger, lighter, brighter, and as "neutral" as possible, so that buyers can picture themselves and/or their family- living there. It also helps them to see the possibilites for their belongings, and how they could fit. Ultimately, we at SoS put in the time and the work--at no additional cost to you-- because it helps your property sell faster, and - by doing so- brings you top dollar. You can see "staging" done on HGTV, as well.  

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 Mortgage Info

If you are not purchasing your new property with only cash/savings, then you will need a mortgage.You must have a written pre-approval in order to make an offer when we find you that special property. I urge you to use the services of one of the following mortgage brokers.

Each one offers a variety of programs, is knowledgeable in their field, extremely focused on excellent customer service, makes sure that your closing will be smooth and on time, and only does mortgages for a living. Further, I urge you not to use your banker if they only do mortgages "on the side". Nor should you use an "online" mortgage co. Nor should you use an out-of-state mortgage broker or company. Every state has very different rules and procedures. I've seen clients get themselves in very hot water when attempting to do any of the above. 

And the last thing you want is to be pulling your hair out on your closing date.

Using a qualified and knowledgable mortgage professional with ensure you won't be hit with any undisclosed fees or unfiled paperwork at the last minute.

When clients have insisted on using some of these that I've cautioned against (above), the results haven't been pretty.  To avoid major frustration, or your closing being blocked, please consider using one of the mortgage brokers who have proven their service to us.

We want what's best for you. We don't benefit directly from your choosing anyone on our list.  We benefit, instead, by seeing your frustration level kept to a minimum, at every step of the process.  And, this is one very important step! :)

Fred Allard
Mortgage Network, Inc.
271 Waverley Oaks Rd., Suite 209
Waltham Ma, 02452
Cel: 617.438.4487

Betty Lauziere
Raveis Mortgage
Cel: 617.645.2715

Matthew McCarthy
Mortgage Master, Inc.

 If you need additional options, just let us know. as we have a strong network of highly qualified mortgage brokers.

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